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Webkinz - Pegasus

Yarncookie lives in Japan

I decided to try adopting one of my new Webkinz into a new account on an Asian time zone so I can play with it while the American time is down for maintainance at 11pm on the West Coast every night and such.

I created a new account, choosing my country as Japan and adopted my new Black and White Cat into it.


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Shannon - Super Bride

My Baby Hippo

I just adopted my Lil Kinz Hippo.

I named her Hiphooray after the Mary Rice Hopkins song that I sing with groups of 2-5 year olds every other Tuesday morning.

Here are the gifts that came with Hiphooray. There was a bonus gift box! The bonus box had a 1000kc coin.

She looks so small in the kitchen!  My hippo also came with this “Wallowing Tub”.

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Shannon - Super Bride

My Pegasus has flown in!

I mentioned briefly in my Black Bear post that I had orderd a pegasus on ebay. She arrived today and I just love her. She looks better in person than in the pictures, and is really soft.

After struggling to choose the perfect name for my pegasus, I decided on Fairyhoof.

Here's what I got with her. Her special food is really cute looking, and she came with that cool rainbow couch, but I was a bit disappointed that I got the Rainbow Coffee Table again, as I also got it with my black bear.

Here are a few different looks at her.

Here she is sitting on her rainbow couch in her room. I decided to build a bigger room to decorate so that I can get the pink pony and lil kinz unicorn later and put them all in a room together.

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Narnia - Aslan (past is dead)

Lambert, the sheepish webkinz

I adopted my lion webkinz today. I named him Lambert after the classic Disney short cartoon, Lambert the Sheepish Lion. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch it here.

Here's his bio. Looks like he's got a testcolour best friend.

Here's his Adoption Certificate.

Now for the fun part, the special gifts that came with him! His special food is the Zebra dog. Even though I can't stand hot dogs, it's really cute. I got the rainbow coffee table which I'm really excited about since I just ordered a Pegasus on ebay and she's supposed to come with a rainbow cloud couch. The King of the Jungle Throne looks amazing!

And here's Lambert sitting in his throne, before I decorated the room when it was plain purple. The throne is really cool with animals carved all over.
Teddy Bear

First Pet of the Month Adoption

Jerrod ordered me 3 webkinz with an Amazon.com gift certificate he found earlier in the week. They came yesterday; the black bear, polar bear, and lion.

I adopted the Black Bear first, naming him Bulgybear after the three Bulgy Bears in Prince Caspian.

Here's what happened when I went into Bulgybear's room!

I got all these surprises just in my pet of the month gift bag!

I got the flying saucer, 820 kinzcash, trickle treacle and a 40% off coupon for the W-shop.

And here's all the usual stuff I got with my black bear. He came with the cutest cave bead and his special food is the honey roast. My exclusive was the Rainy Day Window!